Civic Duty 101

There needs to be more learned than racism is bad, police brutality is sad, blue is better and red needs to get it together…

The circumstances of this country’s founding created a melting pot of enemies; diverse in wants, disparate in liberties, and divided in morals.  At some point we turned a corner where we understood that we could not return to the countries from which our ancestors ran away or were abducted. We acknowledge that in order to survive there needed to be a delicate balance between different people often with conflicting views, cooperating so as not to oppose each other’s interests. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the first step toward that moral milestone, with a sunset provision that not only spoke volumes of this country’s naïve understanding of what threatens equality, but also the desperate need to reevaluate who, what, where, when and how equality is to be achieved and preserved.

Democracy is an experiment which means it can fail.  And we have reached a point where we need to reevaluate our controls and the variables that we allow to go unchecked.