What we do here

One year ago I gave up watching the “news”.  I found myself getting angry and feeling helpless, exhausted that reporting had become a game of yelling at each other across the aisle.  I resigned myself to reading headlines only—filling in the blanks during my conversations with friends, colleagues, and strangers I met during my day.  What I found is that it is possible to have a conversation about tough issues, bringing both sides to the table and leaving with mutual understanding—and dare I say empathy.

We have so many differences of opinion—in politics, race relations, money, personal development.  I want to disrupt the norm that tempts us to live life on auto-pilot, dismissing others who disagree with us.  Here I seek to encourage myself and you to live with deliberate interest by meaningfully processing our experiences and the experiences of our neighbors.  My goal is to create constructive dialogue around tough issues and to encourage cross-cultural understanding so that together we can build bridges, lest we trip further into the chasm of our differences.

By sharing how I organize my life around what gives me clarity, and sharing the ideas that inspire me to remain engaged with challenging social contexts, I hope to inspire you to do the same.  My musings may change over time, double back, and evolve – such is the reality of being a person.  But I hope to encourage you to live as fully and as engaged as possible with an increasingly diverse world.